Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Enjoying the Small Things

I subscribe to Kelle Hampton's "Enjoying the small Things" blog, and have been since her beautiful post about Nella's birth.

Today's Post, Shaken, really hit home. She writes about the passing of a friend's 8 year old little boy, and the horrific feeling of realize it can be gone all too soon. I know the feeling too well.
The blog entry is beautifully written (as all her posts are). However, it was a commenter (It think it might even be Kelle's dad) whose words really resonated with me, as a mother who lost her newborn. It reads;

"In a moment--even a second, our lives can be changed forever. It is so important to realize the fragility of life and the precious delicacy of those around us. Not to make us live in fear, but to make us fiercely love and focus on what is forever..."

So beautifully eloquent.

Maybe this is our lesson in all of this, to realize how fragile and beautiful life is around us. I just wish our lesson had been taught to us in a less extreme way.


B. Wilson said...

Hi Laura,

Wow. I read her blog, too, but haven't read the comments. That's simply beautiful. And her precious Nella-- Lord help us. She's gorgeous.

I hope you don't see your situation as a "lesson" though. Well, maybe something you've learned, but I feel like the word "lesson" indicates punishment. "I hope you learned your lesson" may have really messed with my mind as a kid. Maybe that word isn't so negative to you. Maybe I was a naughty child. Hah! ;)

Perhaps we can see it as maturing ourselves and loving more fiercely, all things considered. You sure didn't deserve any of this, though. God knows that and I hope you do as well. You, nor I, will ever be the same again, that's for certain and hopefully we can use that for the good in our lives.

Dana said...

That is beautiful. Losing a baby certainly makes your really "get" just how fragile it all is. I always thought I knew that, but after Jacob died, I really understood.

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