Monday, February 14, 2011

Health Card

Today I received more mail. I received Jack's Ontario Health Card- which I had registered for the day after he was born. It was addressed to Jack directly. Stuff like this is hard to get, even though I mean that health card = no health bills for the time he was sick (and even when he was born, to be honest). It's just hard because rather than collecting them all and carrying them around in my diaper bag "just in case", I just add them to the pile of memorabilia. :(

It makes me sad and I had a good old cry today.

My hubby caught me crying upstairs by myself and reminded me I don't need to cry alone. It's hard, I don't want him to find me crying because I know how much it upsets him when I'm sad and he can't do anything about it. He really is the best husband I could ask for.

Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day,



Alice said...

Laura, thanks for all your messages. How sad that we are united in such grief. I'm glad you're thinking of moving too. That makes me feel less crazy. Stay as strong as you can. I'm still crying all the time too. X

Rachel said...

I remember when I got Emily's medical card in the mail, and all it said was Baby Girl M, then a week later I got her Social Security card, actually addressed to her. Those were two every hard days for me. Seeing her actually get mail, when she had only been alive for 10 hours. I am so sorry for your loss.

Dana said...

That is hard. So hard.

I go upstairs and cry too, so that my husband won't see me. He inevitably realizes it and tells me I don't need to cry alone too. We are lucky to have such wonderful husbands. I know losing a child can ruin a lot of marriages, and does put alot of stress there some days, but can also make them stronger. We survived this, we can survive anything.

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