Monday, February 7, 2011


Today, on what I assumed would be a terrible day, we actually received some great mail.

We received a card of condolence from the Pediatrician that worked on Jack at our local hospital. It was she who treated him from the initial symptom of fever, attempted the lumbar puncture, suggested Meningitis was the like culprit of his illness, and performed CPR when he coded/ had his seizure.

She expressed her condolences for the loss of our sweet boy, and offered us the opportunity to meet with her if we felt it would be helpful. In Toronto, Pediatricians are difficult to come by, and you aren't likely to be referred to one unless your baby is born sick. Since ours wasn't, we were referred to our family doctor to have Jack checked over.

We'll never know whether our family doctor "overlooked" a symptom she should have investigated, though my husband and I can not recall whether Jack's temperature was actually checked that day. It does calm me to know we can be seen by a Pediatrician with our next baby, to help ease what I anticipate to be an extremely stressful time in our lives. She's a Pediatrician at both the local hospital, as well as SickKids, which I take to be a good omen.

Secondly, we received a letter from Trillium Gift of Life, which we had anticipated receiving for some time. The organ donation process is kept confidential, and my husband and I will never know the identity of the 7 month old infant which received Jack's liver. We are told the age, and the agency (UNOS) which received his liver. This letter today identified the organ recipient as a little boy, and that he had a terminal illness as a result of severe liver damage. Thanks to Jack's liver, this little boy is alive and thriving. Thanks to Jack, a little boy, his parents, his grandparents and perhaps some siblings are enjoying more time with their little man.

We are thrilled. :)

In approximately 5 more months we have the opportunity to send a letter, via Trillium and UNOS, to the recipient family. They have the chance to reciprocate by sending a letter in return. I'll be interested to see what happens from here.

I'm anxious again. Tomorrow I see my OBGYN for my 6 week PP appointment. I'll be asking when we can start making more McBabies, fingers crossed for a quick turn around time.


B. Wilson said...

My fingers are crossed for you (of course)! Congrats on the wonderful mail. Usually my mail depresses me in the form of bills for our little man that is also up in heaven with your Jack.

My 6 week PP appt. was helpful for me in this process. It's like a milestone. Stupid, but true. I hope you find peace in it and answers about your future. :)

Dana said...

I'm so glad that the pediatrician sent you a letter and seems so...great.

I'm so happy that 7 month old baby was saved. I wish it could have been some other way, but Jack's legacy is great. Every single day, alot of people will be grateful that he lived, even if they don't know alot about him.

I hope that the letters you eventually exchange with the recipient family go well. I hope they bring you just a speck more peace. Every little bit helps.

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