Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Organ Donation

I've mentioned a few times that Jack was able to be an organ donor (his liver went to a 7 month old boy in the United States). This is one of the things we are able to look back on him with such pride- because he lived, and also because he died, another little boy was saved. Another family was protected from the excruciating agony of losing their baby.

Organ donation isn't all that new. SickKids (where Jack was treated, and subsequently where he underwent the organ donation process) deals with transplants quite frequently as they deal with the sickest of the sick. However, Jack was part of the NICU due to his age and size... Wanna know something amazing? Jack was the first ever SickKids NICU baby to be an organ donor.

I alluded to having received mail the other day, and along with his NICU bed label and his "certificate of life", came the request from the transplant co-ordinator at SickKids (via Trillium Gift of Life) to write of the experience surrounding Jack's successful donation, in hopes of repeating this opportunity in the future. They have indicated Jack's name won't be used (it wouldn't bother us if it had), but his situation would be recognizable in the literature they compile and as such they needed consent which we of course provided.

It seems like an incredible thing that Jack was the very first NICU baby at this first-class children's hospital to have been through this process. Our little boy was a hero, and he did save one life.. But maybe? Just maybe, because of his example in the NICU, many more will be saved.

It's incredible how proud both myself and my husband are of our little boy. He's inspiring to us as his parents, I can't even begin to imagine how proud we would be of him if he were still here.


Rachel said...

What an amazing thing that you and your husband did, giving your son's kidney. I love what you said about being able to spare another family the pain that you have suffered. I think organ dontaion is such an unselfish act, I am so glad you were able to see past your pain to help another family. What a blessing.

Dana said...

That is so amazing. Jack accomplished so much!

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