Thursday, February 17, 2011

SickKids Foundation

Jack's Tribute website at SickKids has already received more than $2000 in donations. This is in addition to the numerous (at least 15) condolence "donations" cards we received from friends and family through SickKids (meaning even more was donated, but we can't track it).

This is what is posted on the tribute site for donations (click to read)...

This figure doesn't include Scott's "company matching" donation, we've yet to hear what was collected in donations through his employer (a large company, where Scott is loved and adored). It's amazing how supportive people have been, as well as how many people have put their money where their mouth is.

How many people did Jack's short life touch?

Finally, here is the current SickKids commercial... How could you not believe that together we will...?


B. Wilson said...

How wonderful! We had people donate on our son's behalf to various hospitals and organizations. And I'm so amazed that your husband's work will be matching the donations!!!

Dana said...

That is such a good commercial. I've never seen it before...

Jack's life touched more people than you will ever know.

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