Friday, February 11, 2011

TTC #2

I am getting excited to start trying to conceive our second little miracle. I'm not yet ready (my locia seems to keep rearing her ugly face), but my OBGYN believes I should be getting my period again within the next 2-3 weeks, so planning is in full swing.

To prepare I have ordered Ovulation Prediction test strips (you can find them here) to help us narrow down ovulation dates. We (aka, I) did this same thing when we were trying to conceive Jack. We were fortunate to have gotten pregnant our very first cycle, and as such perhaps didn't really need these strips. But, I like to cover my bases and "cheat" a little if I can! I ended up gifting my "left overs" to a friend who was (and still is) trying to conceive her second child.

I ordered this specific package a few weeks ago and it arrived this week. The set contains both OPKs and several cheap-o pregnancy tests. I apparently love peeing on things (ha!) so having these available was super convenient and much more affordable. Regular pregnancy tests here in the Toronto area are like, 2 for $25-ish... Much better to have a cheap option available, and it makes my pee obsession much more manageable!

If you're ordering them, make sure you google for an online coupon. They are readily available and save you 10% or $5 or something like that (free shipping too).

I know our prior history isn't indicative of our future success with attaining a pregnancy, but I am keeping my toes and fingers crossed I will get pregnant within our first few cycles.

I know this seems weird, but I almost feel as though getting through so much of this grief we are feeling right now will rely on becoming pregnant soon. If Jack were still alive, a McBaby #2 would be the furthest thing from our minds. It's almost like we'll be able to make more sense of how things turned out if #2 arrives before we would ever have planned to get pregnant again. Does that make sense?

I don't want anyone to think this means we're trying to replace our little boy, because that's not it at all. Believe me, if having Jack here with us all safe and sound in my arms was an option- that would be our first choice. But it's not. We don't get to choose. It also doesn't mean #2 is going to be loved any less, or that he or she will be wanted any less. I don't want #2 to feel like he or she will need to live for Jack or to feel he or she is our fallback plan. Believe me when I say having a second baby has been in our plans from the very start- we're just hoping he or she will join our family early. :)


B. Wilson said...

My favorite is the tattoo they send with the purchase. :)

LauraJane said...

ha- that's hilarious. It was a fertility tattoo when I ordered last... Rabbit must have some weird significance... But it's definitely not something I would generally wish to adhere to my body for any period of time. lol

B. Wilson said...

I have the fertility tattoo in the envelope still! When I went to count how many pregnancy tests I had left (you know, so I can obsess and pee on lots of sticks, too), I saw it. Hopefully I won't need to wear it this time around either.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Fertility tattoo? ha!

Dana said...

After losing Jacob, I thought that getting pregnant was the only thing that would save me. I got pregnant 2 months after, but lost that baby at 5 weeks. Then I got pregnant 6 weeks after that, which turned out to be a blighted ovum which I miscarried at 10 weeks. I used to say that I had to be pregnant by such and such a date, like his due date, Christmas, etc. It is hard to live like that. I've gotten to the point where I don't make those timelines as significant anymore, although sometimes it does come to mind.

Getting pregnant again helps, but it also brings on a whole new set of worries and fears. Fears that other people will think that lost baby will be replaced and the parents will be just fine again, fears that they lost baby himself will think that.

I hope that your TTC goes well. You have such great doctor's in your corner, and I always hear that you are more fertile within 6 months of a loss, so maybe that applies to a full-term birth as well.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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