Thursday, April 28, 2011

Better than a Coupon

As a Canuck, I don't get to participate in double-coupons or anything that really provides an excellent "deal" like those ladies on Extreme Couponing. I'm lucky if I can save 30 cents on a bag of cat food (from the tear pad in front of the product.. Yes, I try REALLY hard).
So, this is why I'm especially excited to show you what I have dubbed, "my best deal ever".

I've mentioned I'm renovating my way through my grief, and a big part of which has been procrastinating in my main floor bathroom renovation. It was the lone bathroom in our bungalow when we moved in here nearly 5 years ago. Once we finished our basement and added a fantastic, huge bathroom down there, we found the upstairs one was seldom used. I can count on one hand the number of times I have personally used it in the past 2 years... We had plans to use it a lot once Jack joined us for bathtime... But... Yeh.

The bathroom was pretty gross, and after a few years of trying to make the most out of it through paint and caulking, and after losing Jack, I finally decided enough was enough- I needed to change something.

So I did. With a hammer. I pulled down my tub surround (which was one of those cheapy Bathfitter's type things) and the tiles behind it (they were piecemeal having been patched a few times, not matching, and kinda just ugly). Then I tackled the small tile wainscotting around the room which was just making it feel smaller. I also peeled up all the peel & stick tiles from the floor.

I obviously disconnected the toilet, shower fixtures and sink (and installed shut off valves for all the water supplies). All I left was the medicine cabinet, and the original bath tub. Go ahead and be jealous... It was actually really easy. I happen to have an unnatural (and unfounded) belief in my ability to do things I don't know how to do. Love it when it works out and I'm not left looking like an ass<-- this has been known to happen from time to time. ha! :)

I took photos, and I'll show them to you soon so you can see what I'm working with now that it's all out o there.

Now, onto my deal-io.

This is the bathroom our house guests will most often use, and it'll also be the kiddo bathroom should we stay in this house long enough to have McBabe#2. I wanted a vanity rather than another pedestal sink because while the room is really small (I'm guessing 7ft x 8ft?) it needed to 1) look good 2) fit 3)provide storage since there is none in this 1926 house.

It also needed to not cost an arm and a leg since I'm kinda cheap like that.

So I bought this:
Archer Sink Basin here. I bought a single centred hole to accommodate my faucet :)

Archer Petite Vanity here

I am choosing to pair it with this faucet which I bought more than a year ago when I had initially planned to begin my bathroom renovation. Instead of renovating at that time, I became pregnant, putting my dreams for a beautiful bathroom on hold in exchange for a beautiful baby. Well worth it.

Fresca Tolerus Vessel Mount faucet here
The vanity + sink looks like this together (though the faucet is different, obviously):
Love it- and plan to style the room in a similar fashion! Image here.

I should have taken a screenshot to prove it to you. They've changed it since.

The sink I paid full price for ($138 CDN). The vanity however? What now shows up on the Home Depot website as $569.20, was listed at....


For a savings of $492.80.

:) <-- my actual expression as I typed in my credit card number and pressed "purchase". 

I also bought it through Ebates Canada, so I saved 2%, roughly 4 cents. ha!

Deal, yes? Better than spending weeks and weeks hoarding collecting coupons? And I didn't even have to embarrass and shame my whole family in the process (err... maybe I have?).

You know the feeling the women on the show describe as Adrenaline coursing through their veins? It's kinda like when you go over a hill too fast and you kind of lose your stomach?  Yep, that's how I felt as I anxiously awaited my delivery, hoping that Home Depot wouldn't realize their mistake and cancel my order.

And they didn't! the packages were delivered today. WAHOO. :)

Now I just need to install drywall, mud the room, paint it, install a tub surround out of subway tiles, lay a new tile floor, install the toilet, install new vanity, and decorate the room sleep. Oh, and for anyone who is counting, I have 11 days until I'm back to work.

Anyone doing any renovation projects to work out their aggression? Anyone else get crazy pricing errors, but I don't care because it's Home Depot's fault and I have spent thousands of dollars there over the past 5 years and since they don't have coupons I kinda figure they owe me a little something so now we're even deals?

Ps. apparently I am loving the crossed out words recently. ha :)


B. Wilson said...

Hooray! You have distraction projects, too! We have pathetic lives! Boo!

What an awesome deal and I looooove the trio. Very classy.

Molly said...

I LOVE a deal! I am like you though--I like the deals that fall into my lap HAHA! The vanity does look great, and I cannot wait to see the photos of the project. We aren't "DIYers" around here, so when we redid our bathrooms, my husband did the demo (I watched bc I was pg with Sloane) and then hired the rest out. I am always jealous when people can DIY. We'd be able to do a lot more projects that way. But, like I told you before, we've been working on this house for the five and a half years that we've been here and were in the midst of the last project when Hayes died. That was fun. So, we are about done. And I am SO glad. :) Love reading about your projects though!

Brooke said...

What an AMAZING deal. Sometime I should tell you how we got our (new!) dining room set for free... Best deal of my life. I hear you on the itch to keep busy. Now that I'm finally getting some of my energy back, I told my husband that our living room really needs a makeover.

TanaLee Davis said...

I love the project! It looks great from the picture you've provided.

My in-laws have joked that because of what we have all been through in losing my daughter TanaLee that we need to get a sledge hammer and go out to a junk yard and start demolishing I think its a great cause and it would really help relieve some tension ect...I think seriously about this. Ha!

Nice deal! Hopefully you'll get your stuff soon and you can go back into that spare bathroom and crack down on more projects in there. :)


Becky said...

We remodeled the upstairs bathroom while I was pregnant since it would be used more once we had a baby also. We did remodel the nursery after he was born because I still wanted it finished for him. As far as projects now I would like to remodel the downstairs bathroom but I think I'll wait. When its warm enough outside I'll take some aggression out on ripping my backyard apart to make a garden.
I love the vanity set and what a great deal!

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