Thursday, April 14, 2011

Buying Distractions

I've mentioned before that part of my coping mechanism is burying myself in distractions.

Lately, these have come in the form of both demolishing things (my main floor bathroom) as well as "feathering my nest" if you will.  Decorating a little more for spring- fresh colours, hopes renewed (have I convinced you of my optimism yet? No? Me neither...)

I'll show you photos of my bathroom once I get it to it's final demolished stage, and then again once I've rebuilt it. As far as a timeline, I'm hoping to have it functional by the time I head back to work in May, but we'll have to see as we've found ourselves here today, April 15th. I tend to be the most productive in these dates as they're not the anniversary of Jack's birthday nor the days leading up to when he passed. These are my best days, if I can call them that.  Anyway, that leaves me about 2 weeks to get my ass in gear and make that room presentable before the dark cloud circles back over my head again. :)

As far as the prettifying of my house, I've been busy painting. I've whined about that before- I repainted all my baseboards and mouldings, an extremely tiring and menial task I should add. I'd say I have most of my rooms 90% of the way there- just a few bits and pieces to hang back upon the walls and a few small pieces of furniture to purchase.  I'm waiting until I finish the bathroom to put everything back where I want it, and give us one final spring time purge.

But, I've been busy on Etsy. LOVE Etsy.

Lately, I've been loving Etsy for pillows. I've been looking for decorative pillows for a while, but am always hesitant to spend the money, which is so silly because these things are relatively cheap AND serve the purpose of making me happy. During my "time of the month", I decided to stop looking and just buy.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows I have a bit of a "thing" with birds. As in, I love them. Not real ones, real ones gross me out a little.. But bird statues, bird families, even bird houses and nests. LOVE THEM.  I'm weird like that... So, in wanting to finish up my Master Bedroom, I ordered two 18" x 18" pillow covers in my very favourite fabric, Thomas Paul Aviary (Robin) in aqua. I'm still waiting for them to arrive, as I only purchased them last week and shipping things to Canada from the U.S. takes forever. The front pillow here is what I've ordered:

Available through Etsy shop Grey Maggy
Another pillow in the same fabric through Milk & Cookies on Etsy
Does the pattern look familar to anyone? Well it would if you watch Cougar Town. Sidenote: For the record, if you're not watching, you should. I thoroughly enjoy it and very much wish I were part of the Cul De Sac Crew.  What was my point? Oh right, I wanted to show you the chairs in the kitchen where Courtney Cox lives. Okay, where her character lives:
Ta Da! Same fabric- love how they recovered those cheap-ish Ikea chairs with this fabric and boom- beautiful. I very much wish to do the same if we ever have a kitchen island with a hang over like that...

Finally, I made another purchase for my nursery, even though I'm not pregnant (yet). I told you I was crazy, right? Technically, I suppose it's two. I purchased 2 co-ordinating 18"x18" pillow covers for the nursery (for the rocker I plan to order next time around since I withheld from purchasing one while pregnant with Jack). 

These are the pillows:

Both pillows available through Milk & Cookies on Etsy
I chose these as the blue in both pillows matches exactly with the blue in the nursery and also the first of the two pillows is the same fabric which covers my breast feeding pillow. It's a pattern I absolutely adore. It wasn't until after I had the breast feeding pillow before Jack was born, I realized why it had appealed so much to me. I'd actually seen it before, used by one of my very favourite designers: Sarah Richardson when she designed her own nursery.

See it there on the footstool?
Cute, right?

I consider the fabrics gender neutral and fun, perfect for a nursery. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but long before we knew Jack was a he, I had chosen the nursery scheme from a design post I read around the time we were married. Always a cart before the horse person, the nursery was going to be painted the same way, in the same colour, regardless of baby's gender. I now love the colour blue we chose so much, it will continue to be the colour of our nursery even when we sell this house and move to another one. LOVE it so much.

Anyway, that's what I've been buying. Brooke's been buying a mattress. What have you been buying? Anyone else fancy themselves an interior designer?


Molly said...

LOVE, LOVE it all! Esp the blue bird pillows! I am obsessed with that color blue! It's all over my house! I did my decorating all two years ago. Now, there's no more room for new stuff.
:( But, I LOVE doing it, so thanks for distracting me with your decorating for a bit! :) Now, I am buying, buying "Hayes" stuff. Beit jewelry or little things to put around my house or at the cemetery. Now who's crazy?!? HAHA!

Tiffany said...

I wish I had even just an ounce of interior decorater in me! You have great taste!!
I have found that since Ellie, I can't sit still. It's almost like I'm scared too. Distraction has been key.

TanaLee Davis said...

I hear ya on decorating. I too love it! You couldn't tell by looking at my posts of my apartment due to a lack of money to spend at Ikea and etsy ect. Unfortunately hubster makes me save to get what I want for most But yes, I have plans for my place and my are they great. I love LOVE love fabric and materials to work with. I love to just go "window shop" to get ideas for what I want to do. You have quite the eye my dear. Don't feel bad...I shop away my sadness too.

Becky said...

I love all of the pillows! That is a really pretty blue! I also watch Cougar Town, but I guess I never paid any attention to the chairs around the island. I'll have to look next time its on.
I am in love with green and the nursey is green also, very gender neutral. I have been buying stuff for the nursery on occasion still-can't help it- when I see stuff that would fit perfectly in the nursery I have to get it, like the "baby things" baskets that I bought last week. Other than that lots of gardening stuff keeping myself occupied trying to get my tomatoes and bell peppers to grow. I would love to redesign the kitchen and living room but for now that'll have to wait.

New Year Mum said...

Love the pillows and looking forward to seeing your bathroom.... you certainly have been busy :)) Love your style :) Thinking of you always xoxo

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