Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birthday Cake

Today I'll be attending a 30th birthday party for one of our friend's. Thirty, when did I start getting so old?!?!?

I'm in charge of the cake, since I love decorating them. This one is a vanilla with buttercream frosting and a Tiffany blue fondant on top. YUM

It's a little shiny because I added water to it to "seal" the cracks

It's supposed to look like a mechanic's shirt, but it ended up kinda just looking like a man's dress shirt... I didn't have food colouring to make the shirt navy, and cheated to save some time by purchasing the pre-mixed fondant... The patch on the chest will have his name on it, but I'm waiting until the last minute to do that so it doesn't smear.

Another view...

Not too worried that it kinda just looks like a dress shirt- I don't know what I'm doing, and beggars can't be choosers (this means YOU, Holly!). It's a little lumpier than I would like, but that's the cake's fault (which I also made), because I don't like to chop off the top to make it flat. It makes it too hard to keep the cake out of the icing. ;)

Scott's not coming with me, as he purchased tickets to the theatre for his mom for Christmas... He's seriously pissed he's not coming, would MUCH rather spend his day with his friends... Obviously the tickets were before anything happened with Jack, and when he was interested in spending MORE time with his family, rather than less as it stands right now. Poor guy.

I have more to write, and will do so tomorrow. Working + writing is kicking my ass, so I've clearly increased one to the determent of the other... I've decided to let you all in on what's going on with me, and my currently (WACKY) life. Hope the sun is shining where you are (it is here, despite the forecast!).



Maria said...

Looks like a scrummy cake!!!!


little vitu's mom said...

Mechanic's shirt or not, I really liked the idea behind this cake. I think you are an artist. Have a good budday party:)

B. Wilson said...

That looks incredible. It's way the heck better than anything I'd put together. Though I can pipe a mean cupcake. :)

LookItsJessica said...

Looks delish!

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