Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guess who has two thumbs and doesn't ovulate?

This girl. She has both thumbs and the proud owner of an anovulatory cycle.
32 weeks pregnant in front of  the feature wall in Jack's nursery.
Back when I was still a happy pregnant lady with absolutely no idea her world would
 come crashing down in 8 short weeks.

I went to my doctor's appointment this morning.  Scott tagged along with me today, wanting to support me in case I got back news, I guess.  I love my OBGYN, love her.

We spoke a little bit about how we're doing and how we'll never really have any answers as to what actually happened with Jack. She confirmed Ecoli based Sepsis, resulting in Bacterial Meningitis. GAH, still hate it even though I already knew all of this.

Anyway, we got to talking about my cycles and why I'm on something crazy like CD50 (!!!) today and decidedly un-pregnant. Apparently I have low LH levels, which is strange to me since I tend to have faint OPKS test lines rather than just a control line, but anyway... So yeh, even though the blood work was taken a week ago, and it was just after my second set of positive OPKs, I'm not ovulating. The cause? Apparently I'm likely stressing about getting knocked up, which has the exact opposite effect I am going for- it's causing my body to choke when it comes time to pop out an egg. 

As my husband jokes, he's been putting out for no reason.  Wasting his specimens, ha!

We discussed our options for helping my body regulate itself.  We could wait and see what my body decides to do on it's own. But we're impatient looking to move forward now and would rather be proactive about things now that we know what our issue is.  We discussed Clomid and agreed it's a good option for us.  It'll increase my estrogen production in the follicular stage of my cycle so my ovaries mature more eggs (and then pop 'em out!) and thus increasing our chances for a baby.  It also increases our chances of multiples, with twins being the most common at between 5-8% (though I've read as high as 10%, but who knows what other factors there are to consider?). Since we're open to this if it happens (and by open, I mean thrilled with the prospect), this is the route we're taking.  We could also have tried a few months of birth control pills, but I feel like that is pushing me in the opposite direction I want to be headed towards.

So, she wrote the script out, including a prescription for Provera so I will get my period in the next week or so, and then we can get started again.

For now the plan is this:
  • Provera daily x 5 days, starting tomorrow, June 3rd.
  • Period should start a couple days after finishing my last Provera tablet
  • I take Clomid (50mg) 1 time daily from CD3-CD7
  • I have prescribed sex days, CD 12, 14, 16
  • Blood test on CD21, to ensure my egg(ies) released
  • Pregnant test on CD31 if I have no period (this is going to be hard. I love to poas).
If this all results in a period at the end, at least I know what CD I ovulated on, and we will continue the cycle another couple of times and see what happens.

If the blood test on CD21 shows I'm not ovulating still, the Clomid will be increased accordingly.

*WHEW* that's a lot of stuff.

I am glad we're doing this though. I feel a lot more hopeful knowing we're taking matters into our own hands and being proactive about working towards the family I know we deserve, and the one we started when we conceived Jack. There has to be a happy ending, there just has to be.

Anyone taken Provera or Clomid? What was your experience? Any suggestions?
Anyone want to talk about my poor wardrobe choice above, or my husband's frustration about being used for sex? ha!


Becky said...

I have done them both. I thought it was strange when my doctor had put me back on birth control but I guess I understand. I wasn't ovulating, rarely ever did in all the months we were trying and the pill helped with that. I also did clomid a few times, even at an increased dose but didn't get prego until we did clomid and 2 IUI's later. Hope you don't have to get to that point though.
If we both get prego this month our babes due dates will be about 2 weeks apart:)

Kelly said...

I have no experience, but Jim used to say he felt like he was being used for sex just to make a baby. I told him, beggars can't be choosers, hahahahaha.

I wish you the best of luck! So happy you have a great doctor that wants to help you along this process. :)

lissasue3 said...

Good luck with your new plan!

Jen said...

I tried for 9 cycles to get pregnant without any intervention and finally took Clomid for my 10th cycle. I only did the 50 mg and got pregnant that cycle. People have mentioned horrible side effects but the only side effect I had was hot flashes. I looked at them as a sign that the Clomid was working though. :)
I was diagnosed with PCOS while TTC and I believe that when we do try for baby #2 we may have to use Clomid again.
Best of luck in your journey. I am sorry for your loss of baby Jack.

Nicole Gilbert said...

I have done them both as well. Provera is a no brainer and I needed it on a couple of occasions. I have done 7 rounds of clomid total, we needed to figure out what dosage worked for me. I responded to the first round of 50mg but not the second. The first round of 100 but not the second, so we went to 150mg and I responded and got pregnant on the second round, but miscarried. Eight weeks after I miscarried I tried 150mg and it worked the first time and I got pregnant with Ava. I wish this wasn't sounding so grim, but it wasn't the clomid's fault that my body is so dysfunctional.

I will say if you do a couple of rounds and are ovulating on the clomid but not getting pregnant ask for an ultrasound mid cycle, they can pinpoint almost the exact time you should ovulate. My regular OB never did the ultrasounds and when I went to the reproductive endocrinologist it was standard and it just so happened that both times I got pregnant was when I had extra monitoring. What they found was that I was ovulating later than expected and we were missing it. With the first pregnancy I didn't ovulate until cd21 but because of the ultrasounds they were able to tell me so we knew to keep having sex.

I never had any odd side effects from it, and it did tend to make my cycles a little bit longer but your not testing until cd31 and that seems perfect! I have heard of plenty of women getting pregnant within the first three months and 50mg did the trick, my body unfortunately had other plans but it did eventually work. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask!

By the way, we can overlook the wardrobe choice, your one beautiful pregnant mama and thats all that matters!! Tell your husband how lucky he is! The shop has been closed for my husband for almost 12 weeks. I'm almost afraid to admit this but it's not for lack of wanting to, it's just my body not cooperating.

Darcey said...

So happy you got some answers and hopefully now you can have some control over your are way overdue for your BFP!!!

My doctor put me on Provera to get my period going because after 7 weeks PP I was less than patient about getting my 2 cycles over with so we could start TTC. I took it for 5 days and it showed up and it was longer, but no other issues. My cycles are still all over the place and sometimes I ovulate really frustrating!!!

I have this summer to get my BFP or we will be taking the Clomid route as well...hopefully it won't come to that...tomorrow is my big testing date!!! So hoping luck starts to change as well!!

Good luck on catching your rainbow :)

sarah said...

No experience with either med, but did want to share my hope that they work exactly as they are supposed to and that you'll be sharing BFP news very very soon...

Prescribed this point, 2 months into my mandadted "pelvic rest" my husband would jump for joy at the thought of it. *sigh* Enjoy. :)

Tiffany said...

Oh Clomid. Now before I say this, know that I am SO sensitive to every med., especially hormonal meds. But this stuff made me insane. Ask my husband, he'll tell you! Total emotional wreck, really mean, hot flashes, I literally thought I was losing my mind. But most people don't get that way. I agree with the midcycle ultrasounds. At least at first to make sure they are correct on timing.
Good luck with everything. It can be stressful. But you have a little angel on your side!

Tiffany said...

BTW, cute wall! Did you do this yourself??

Molly said...

All I can say is that im lmao!! (At ur humor of course, not the situation.) And I'm so glad we (lol) have a plan!!!!

Angie said...

Your proactiveness (proactivity?) is awesome. I have a good friend who I was pregnant with and she ended up losing her son 4 weeks after I lost Aiden. She has been having the most difficult time trying to conceive this time around. She is also struggling with insanely long cycles. I'm going to forward this post on to her and hopefully she can find some comfort in your plan of action.

Good luck love!!! xo

Jennifer said...

I just found your blog (I think through Kellie Staats' page) and I just wanted to tell you how terribly sorry I am for the loss of your sweet little boy. I truly hope that you get preggers again very soon. Your rainbow is coming, you certainly deserve it! <3 from FL

Brooke said...

(1) I love the nursery wall. (2) I am glad you can be pro-active about trying again. A list of things to do seems way more powerful than "continue to have a lot of sex and hope it works this time." So I am very hopeful for you. (3) I thought I had three, but I guess I only had two things to say.

little vitu's mom said...

With my last (lost?) pregnancy I didn't have to take clomid etc. My gyn said I ovolate fine after she did some scans on 13th and 14th day of my cycle. Then I didn't have PCO. This time I'm diagnosed to have PCOS, and I don't notice the white discharge in the middle of my cycle. So am guessing maybe am not ovulating at all.

Perhaps I need to get a OPK and test first or go to doctor directly with this issue.

Anonymous said...

We tried for a year to get pregnant and then went in for fertility testing. The Dr told me that I was not ovulating and gave me some sample pills to take to possibly kick start my body. Of course now, I can't remember what they were. But I remember throwing them on the kitchen table and deciding I would deal with it later. I was supposed to start them after I finished my next period. So they sat on the table....9 months later Lil' Sophie exploded onto the scene.
I guess sometimes it happens when we least expect it.
Can't wait to hear of your good news. You guys deserve another opportunity at the family you dream of.

Caroline said...

I tried commenting on this while at work (yes, I blog-stalk at work) but I don't think the comment went through (I guess that's what I get for doing it at work) Anywhoo - I love the nursery wall - did you do that yourself?! And I hope that this is a very short stay for you in the trying to conceive land and that clomid does it's job right away!

LauraJane said...

@Tiffany & @Caroline. Yes, we did this wall ourselves! I measured and mapped it out as well as doing the "cutting in" with No VOC paint, and Scott painted it all. It took four hours, but I LOVE it. I'll do a post on the nursery one day, it's my favourite (and most expensive!) room in the house. :)

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