Monday, June 13, 2011

Letter from a friend...

To my ovaries.

I have this friend. She's not a BLM. 

She has two children- a son and a daughter (who both happen to be soooooo cute). She's had her share of issues with her kiddos health including a close call when her daughter was born in November... Up until a few months ago, we were acquaintances with a few mutual friends. She actually knew my Scott before I did from their high school days. Because this is an impossibly small world, we also dated the same guy (who happens to be Scott's friend...). It's a long story, and not as incestuous as it sounds, but yeah, we have that in common. ;)

But you now what makes her amazing? After we lost Jack she reached out to me, arms wide open. 

In the early days this wasn't uncommon, a lot of people reached out. But just as quickly, they retreated back into their shells where they can close their eyes, hug their child/ren and try to forget this shit exists. But Alison? She grabbed a shovel and started digging. She hasn't stopped since.

Every time I post something on my blog, she sends me a Facebook message to share her thoughts or feelings on it. I can not put into words how much I appreciate her for her compassion and thoughtfulness. It's not often near strangers become great friends in such a short (and stressful) time.  But she has, and I'm grateful for that.

Here's her letter, to my body.

Dear Laura’s Ovaries, 

It might seem strange that I am writing you but I thought that maybe some direct communication may help make things clear.

First off, I want to express my gratitude for all of the hard work you did in the creation of beautiful baby Jack. I will give you 50% of the credit for his perfection. Job well done! 

With Jack no longer in Laura’s arms, this small sabbatical you have taken is really not required. The McCannell’s are counting on you to do your job this cycle, and maybe do it so well that you produce two of those wonderful eggs. How fabulous would that be? Maybe you have wondered about that “clomid” stuff, well, its just a gentle nudge to remind you of your job. You might as well respond to it now because if you don’t, I certainly am not trying to sound threatening, but more forceful action will come in the future.

Thanks for listening! Oh, whenever Laura and I go out for another ladies night ... dessert is on me. Would you fancy something chocolate? It really is the least I could do for your co-operation.


Cute, huh? 


Have you found support in unexpected places? 
Do you find yourself disappointed in the friends who didn't?

Ps. I take more than 50% credit for Jack's perfect. I like to think he was 80% me, and 20% fingers and toes- have you seen those things? Those are entirely Scott's! ;)


Keleen said...

That letter is too cute! What a good friend! I have to say the friends I expected to be supportive haven't let me down one bit, but there are people I didn't expect to step up the way they did, but because they stepped up with Addi they are forever in my heart. Whatever they need whenever!

Molly said...

Lmao! Refreshing for an outsider to "get it"!

Darcey said...

I absolutely love it!!!

Dana said...

I love that letter, and I love that Alison is so amazing! It is rare to find that, particularly in those who haven't lost a child. I am so glad that you have her.

I think I should write a letter to my ovaries. They seem to need some nudging.

I have lost friends and gained friends. One friend, who I thought was lost since I haven't spoken to her since last summer, called me last night. I was shocked. She said she had been thinking about me alot, but just never sat down and called. We talked for awhile, then she told me she is 30 weeks pregnant with a boy. Not exactly what I needed to hear, but I also wanted to know what was new with her and it isn't like she could just skip over that fact.

Friendships do change so much. People I didn't expect much from have been great. People I expected something from are no longer in my life.

Tiffany said...

So cute! Although I must say that my letter to yours- or mine- or anyone's for that matter- would definitely be more threatening. Maybe that why my ovaries are never very cooperative... Let me know if they need some swear words- I keep a fresh stock of those just for my ovaries, but I'm more than willing to share with you! Alison must be pretty awesome!! I'm glad she's there for you!!

Kelly said...

What a great friend! Sounds like something my friend Gail would do, whom I've blogged about a lot. She's amazing. With the exception of some people, a lot of my friends have been super supportive.

Becky said...

What a wonderful friend you have!

B. Wilson said...

Your friend rocks the house. Send her this way, will ya?

B. Wilson said...

Your friend rocks the house. Send her this way, will ya? I could use more peeps like that in my life.

B. Wilson said...

Your friend rocks the house. Send her this way, will ya? I could use more peeps like that in my life.

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