Monday, August 8, 2011

New York, New York

So, where was I? Oh right, here.

We had arranged a coach bus to bring us from the airport to the hotel, and finally got into the room at 1 am...

Not my photo. It's from here.
We got bumped up to a corner room on the 16th floor, which would have been great for the views... If not for the fact our view was of other buildings, and not pretty or iconic ones, just boring brown buildings.  #Fail.

No matter, we were exhausted and after a long hot shower wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed and pass out. In our haste to flee Toronto, we hadn't eaten anything other than the free cookies Porter offers in their lounge (which, while delicious, do not a dinner make). We decided to order room service and I enjoy a delicious turkey club while Scott had a burger. YUM. Like for real, delicious. Couldn't have been happier at that very moment.

Anyway, this was waiting for us to crawl into:

 Actually, to be honest, I had already gotten into the bed, freaked out and realized I didn't take a photo for "the blog", jumped back out and threw the chocolate back on the bed. Of interest, the chocolates were consumed each and every night, and not by this girl... My husband is a scavenger, true story.

You guys, this bed was a freaking dream- the pillows felt like clouds of air, and the duvet does too. Delightful. I didn't even get bitten by bedbugs, which of course, was my fear staying in NYC. Yesssssss.

Fact: Sometimes Instagrams aren't as cool as I'd hoped...
Saturday we work up refreshed and Scott and I busted out to grab coffee in the morning. He asked me if I was nervous to meet Molly. Was I anxious for this? And was I going to spend the whole time crying? I mean, she's a stranger, right?

But at the same time, not.

Because this isn't a stranger. This is some I've read about for the past several months. It's someone who I share my most intimate details with *ahem, as well as all of you lovely blog readers*. Someone who is there for me when I am at my lows, and is there when I'm at my highs. She doesn't mock me when I pee my way through OPKS and pregnancy tests every month (I'm addicted...).

In many ways, she's been a better confident than many of my real life friends because she gets it. Those darkest moments? She has them too. This girl isn't a stranger, she's someone I genuinely care about.

When we arrived back at the hotel lobby she was waiting for us. Molly wrote about our meeting here, including our anchor-themed breakfast joint. I'm including some photos since she's adorable and sweet and so southern (y'all).

Don't really know why my hair looks like this... But Molly's cute, so there's that.
She more than exceeded my expectations. I was a little nervous we might have nothing to talk about, but we had tonnes to discuss- our favourite topic? Our little men, and just how much they are missed. There are so many strollers in NYC. So many.

So my review and recommendation? Molly is great. I felt like I'd known her for years. It wasn't just meeting her, it was more like being reunited with her. It was fun. :)

After we said our goodbyes, I headed back to the hotel and napped until Scott returned from his shopping. That boy can shop! His arms were loaded with new runners, some causal shorts, socks and some shirts. He was gone all of 2 hours. ha!

Then we headed out to Century 21 to do a little shopping.

Not my photo either. But I felt the same way this girl did when I was there last year

I picked up a pair of Seven jeans (my first non-maternity jean in more than a year. boo hiss), a few shirts, and a skirt. It was kinda slim pickin's. I actually found myself standing in the kids section at one point, holding various onesies, trying to decide if I should buy them... I didn't, reasoning I could buy everything I want once I'm pregnant again... No worries, grief crosses borders with you...

Scott found another 2 pairs of shoes (white sneakers and a pair of dress shoes), more t-shirts, and other stuff dudes need. He has no problem shopping... At all.

We had tickets to go see Rent in theatre, Off Broadway. It was phenomenal. I even saw a tear squeak out of Scott's eye. It was probably the best show I've seen ever (and I seem to have wracked up quite the list!). We weren't sure about where to for dinner, and I was still hurting from the short sleep the night before so I bargained my way into to heading back to the hotel, and... you guessed it, ordering room service. I ordered something else, but Scott ordered the turkey club I had eaten the night before. Delicious, yet again. We were in bed by about midnight... Sleeping at 12 in NYC, shameful, really. ha. :)

Saturday we woke up again and walked to Macy's a few miles away. My feets hurt. But I'm a trooper like that, so I whined very little quietly.

I basically bought out the LaCoste inventory in my size. Here are some of my purchases...
my purchases
Scott bought about 6 "casual" cotton dress shirts. He's convinced these shall be part of his new "look". This is apparently very different from the ironed dress shirts... ha. :)

We then headed back to the hotel to get ready for our comedy show in Greenwich Village. I had done some research and decided on The Comedy Cellar, a legendary comedy stage which has seen the likes of Tina Fey, Robin Williams and many other starts through the years... I had made online reservations earlier that week just in case. We checked in with the guy at the door and were told our table number. We quickly discovered we were front row centre. Awesome.

Our view from our wee table:

No flash photography during the show, so this is all I have to offer...
We got the guy next to us to take our photo:

We meandered through the streets of Greenwich and the buildings belonging to NYU. So darn pretty. So much prettier than my university. Then my feet hurt again and we flagged down a cab to take us back to the hotel where I proceeded to wash away my evening with a delicious chocolate martini in the W lobby:

The next day we got up, had breakfast at the hotel (yes, we ate there again). I stole this photo of my husband who hates when I do just this:

Then we got back on the airplane and come home.

It was so good to be away. Can't wait to go back!

I feel like NYC is "our" city. We were there last year just before we conceived Jack, so of course I'm hoping this brings us good luck for our next cycle (because, for the record, this one is a no-go). I hope to make NYC an annual event.

And don't think for a second I didn't think about how much I would have loved to all of this with a baby.

What's your favourite city to visit?


Anonymous said...

So much fun in the NYC!!

Sorry this cycle was a bust :(

I am glad you have met someone that gets you and your grief so intimately. I think that is something that I lack in my life...a grief buddy. I have my DH, and I love him so... but men just don't grieve the same way as women.

Take care LJ

Natasha said...

Looks like you had a great trip! You girls both look fabulous in the pictures!!! Love all your Lacoste stuff!!!

So sorry this cycle is a no-go :( But I am praying the NYC is your lucky charm!


Caroline said...

your second instagram pic of the hotel room kinda looks like a creepy seen from a horror movie or something.

But glad you had a fun trip! I LOVE what a shopper your husband is. Mine needs to take notes - as soon as we enter a store he turns into a toddler, stomping around and ready to leave.

Rhiannon said...

I LOVE NY and I am SO glad that you had such a nice trip! I took a trip there last fall with my Mom and it was so good to get away and get lost in that big old, fun city.

I am hoping that NYC is a lucky charm once again :)

Tiffany said...

You crack me up! Sounds like a lovely getaway! Good for you for taking a little trip!

Becky said...

I have always wanted to go to NYC. I actually had told Dereck when I was pregnant with Liam how I would love to go there for Christmas with him this year or the next because I think NYC would be beautiful at Christmas time.

Sounds like you had a great time though:)

B. Wilson said...

Finally reading this. You're adorable and I would totally eat every meal at the W. ;) I'm pretty known to eat multiple meals at the same places anyway. Don't ruin a good thing, right?

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