Friday, December 9, 2011

In the Spirit of Christmas

It's a little known secret that Scott's favourite movie isn't a block buster, nor is it an action-flick. It's a movie which, to my knowledge, didn't do well at the box office at all. Scott's favourite movie ever is The Family Man, starring Nicholas Cage. We watch it every time we see it on TV (usually Christmas time) and neither of us ever bore of it...

The trailer (which pretty much gives away the entire plot & ending):

I have a habit/tradition of purchasing a DVD for Scott's stocking each year. Last year, I finally managed to track down the DVD for The Family Man. I felt it fitting he would receive it for Christmas, and on the eve of having his very own "family".

Last Christmas I wrapped up the many gifts purchased, and placed them under the Christmas tree. Gift tags read,  "To Daddy, Love Jack", were attached to many miscellaneous items (sweaters, pants, socks). These tags were also found on the outside of packages containing children's books, with notes which included "Daddy, can you read this to me when I get there?". I can still remember the look on Scott's face as he piled the "Jack stuff" up at Christmas, and joked that while Jack outdid himself, I hadn't given him much or anything...

As heartbreaking as it is to remember, It's my intention to repeat my gift tag habit this year. Jack's name will remain on the tags, along the name of his baby brother or sister. Gifts from the McBabes to-be will continue to be found under our tree. I know this will bring about some tears and some sadness, but more than that I hope it facilitates the attachment I want to develop between this baby and his or her family... I want this baby to be as hotly anticipated as Jack was... Currently everyone is a little anxious to see what the IPS will bring, so they're a little more reserved, though they all deny it when asked. More than anything, I want Jack to be a part of any and all celebrations in the years to come, and so his name will accompany any gifts. Because he'd want to give gifts too, my sweet little guy.

After repeatedly telling me "Christmas is cancelled", I threatened to send Scott home to his parent's house for Christmas eve and to wake up Christmas morning. I reasoned it would make his mother's life to have him at home for Christmas morning gift opening once again, and she might as well be happy if we're going to be miserable! It's an empty threat we both know I'd never enforce, but it did result in Scott reluctantly agreeing we would go pick out a tree this weekend.

My husband is basically the cutest. I've mentioned before that Scott really "is" Christmas. Every year he picks a "theme" and purchases gifts in the spirit of the theme. A few years ago it was LuluLemon and I received multiple pairs of yoga pants, a spring coat, a hair band, and some other stuff. I suspect he was trying to lure me into wearing this gear to the gym, instead I chose to wear it to lounge and be comfortable. (As twitter peeps would add, #fail... ha!). Before that it was a Technology Christmas and I was gifted my Macbook, an Ipod, and a digital camera. My Christmas gifts last year involved Jack. On Christmas Eve, he excitedly disappeared from our usual spot on the couches in the basement and went about putting the years gifts together in an attractive way. On Christmas morning, he rolled the newly assembled stroller from the nursery, packed it full of pink gift-wrapped presents, and presented it to me. As I went about unwrapping everything, it revealed to me Scott's "theme".

He would kill me if he knew I posted this.
And that white blob beside the tree? That's Tinky the cat!
I received warm winter boots, a beautiful ski coat, winter gloves, and cozy hat. His theme? Stroller time with Jack. He had gifted me with items necessary to walk our son around the neighbourhood in the frigid winter months. He wanted to make sure I'd look like the cute momma he wanted me to be. He was so excited I would have no reason to not get out there and enjoy time with our boy.

Perhaps now you better understand my fixation with stroller days and why it hurts so very much when I see mothers pushing their baby in the very stroller I had researched and selected for our son?

A few days after we said goodbye to our boy, we went back to the store to make exchanges on my Christmas gifts since he had purchased a tiny-sized coat I would not have fit into even as a toddler. I remember trying to zip them over my still swollen belly and being so angry at the thought I would need this coat for winter, but not to push my boy around. BTW, if you ever want to feel like a giant, I recommend you try on designer skiwear, because... um, yeh...

I remember as we checked out, Scott asking me whether I was going to wear all this stuff since we were investing so much into it. I assured him I would, though as we walked out to the car, I distinctly remember telling him I hoped I didn't fit into it this year.

Luckily for us, it doesn't come close to fitting at 17 weeks pregnant. :) Now THAT's something to celebrate.


Becky said...

I love The Family Man. I too have to watch it everytime it is on tv.
Your husband is awesome at the whole Christmas gift thing. Themes and all. And I love that you put Jacks name on the presents last year before he was even born, so sweet:)

hughesfamily said...

Beautiful. Like always.

lissasue3 said...

I'm glad it doesn't fit... there's time enough in the future to wear all that fancy gear. :)

Scott is so sweet with his themed Christmas presents -- love it (and dare I say a tiny bit jealous? haha)

I'm still trying to find a way to incorporate Charlotte into our Christmas. Heck, I'm still trying to incorporate her into our life. Lorelei said today, "I have one sister." And my heart broke, I said, "you have two sisters: Alexa and do you know the name of the other?" And she remembered, she said, "Charlotte!" But I was still sad. Perhaps it was just a 3 year old forgetting or maybe I just need to get Charlotte more involved in our lives.

B. Wilson said...

Uh, I can't believe how adorable you McCannells are. :) Never seen the movie. Must ask to watch when I come visit you in Toronto. With beer and babies, of course. Well, not babies drinking beer, but anyway. I am assuming you have beer in that house since Scott is the beer guy, right?

Love his planning and how excited he gets to pamper you with themed gifts. A big BOO to no stroller walks with Jack as I know how much you (and I) craved that time with our babies.

Molly said...

Cute Scott pic! ;) so sweet that he loves Christmas. I'm super jelly of ur bugaboo! And lmao at tinky!!

Tiffany said...

Omigosh your husband is adorable!! Can he please come teach my husband to be that adorable??
I'm glad that you put Jack's name on the presents and plan on continuing to do that. I did that last year with Ellie's name and still sign her name on cards, etc. I always wonder what people think of that... I guess I don't really care- I do it for us and her, but still I wonder...
BTW I'm glad you pointed out the cat- I don't think I could have identified it as a cat! Cracks me up! You're awesome!

Caroline said...

Ummm, I absolutely love that movie too. And the funny thing is I can't stand Nicholas Cage. But I enjoy him in that movie. Oh, and the National Treasure movies. I like those too. God, I'm turning into my mother. . .

Kelly said...

Ok, I think I love your husband. :) Jim would never be that creative, haha. That is really sweet. Your loss of stroller days certainly took on a new meaning and new hurt after your Christmas theme. I'm also happy your gear isn't fitting you this year. :)

I always incorporate Adam into everything. Meaning, I sign his name with a little halo on everything. I debated with that as to not upset others (silly, I know), but people have told me they love seeing Adam's name on things. :) He will always be a part of our family, as Jack will be yours.

Anonymous said...

Just for the DH LOVES this movie too. If it's on, we watch it...and we cry.

I am so happy that things are chugging along for you in a normal boring way. Have you been dealing with this new pregnancy with more anxiety? I wonder how a new pregnancy will affect me...basically my pregnancy was fine it was the end bit that went horribly's just now I know how many more things can go wrong so I feel slightly stressed about


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