Monday, December 12, 2011

Just For Fun...

You're already aware I worry a lot. I constantly worry about whether Jack's Baby is alive in there, though I have no reason to believe otherwise.  I *think* I feel sporadic movements after I eat something sweet and also when I lay down.

We all know my first priority with this baby is a living, breathing, HEALTHY baby. No matter the gender, we will love this baby like crazy. But before I became a BLM, there use to be some excitement to the anatomy scan, rather than just fear and dread.

Our scan is booked for Friday afternoon, though we may not know the results of the scan until early next week. I'll be sure to return to reveal the results once I know more.

This is not an original idea, so in following in the footsteps of those who have gone before me, here are some Questions & Answers to sway you either way.

How I snore sleep:
Old Wives' Tales suggest that if you sleep on your left side, a boy is sure to come our way. Sleep on your Right? Pregnant with a girl.
I almost always awake on my right side, despite putting myself to bed on my left to alleviate heartburn. 
My vote: girl

Extreme nausea = girl. Boys are good to their mommas.
I think we all know this one screams girl, but Jack kept me puking until the very last second too. Though, to be fair, I feel like I'm more severely sick this time, whereas with Jack it was more consistently so (does that even make sense?)
My vote: girl

If you have soft hands, you can expect a girl. Always "rubbing lotion into your skin or else you get the hose again" dry hands? Then you'll deliver a boy.
My vote: boy

If you crave citrus, a girl may be your way.
I only eat meat. No, seriously.
My vote: boy

Pimples and Spots:
Girls steal their momma's beauty, so if you're spotty, you've got one on the way.
My vote: girl

If you're losing your balance, it's a boy. Graceful? Girl!
I've managed to stay upright for the most part.
My vote: girl

Fatty Face:
Fuller face= girl baby.
I'd like to say boy here, but my fat face says otherwise.
My vote: girl

Salt and Sugar:
Sweet cravings = a sweet little girl. Salt= a boy.
My vote: boy

Heart rate:
>150 beats per minute= girl
<150 beats per minute= boy
at 12 weeks, it was 162 BPM
My vote: girl

Boy votes: 3
Girl votes: 6

Bonus Instinct Question:

I'm thinking I'm carrying Jack's little sister. Mind you, I thought Jack was a girl, too.
Jack's daddy thinks I'm carrying Jack's baby brother.

I've love to hear what you think. Were you right with your baby's gender? Any guesses as to Jack's baby?


Molly said...

I'm thinking girl for u... Not sure why. those wives takes are waaaaay off... Two examples: I've got zits like u wouldn't believe and I sleep on my right side mostly and I'm having a boy. Can't wait to find out!

Kelly said...

I'm guessing boy for you, but I don't know why. We thought Natalie was a boy, and Adam I had no feeling at all. I assumed boy cuz we already had a girl, haha. With this one, I thought girl. We all thought so, and we were right.

As far as the wives tales, hilarity. Adam made me so sick, so did Natalie. This one, too, but not nearly as bad as the other two. I craved mustard with Adam (weird), but this time, too! The wives tales crack me up.

I'll be thinking of you Friday. It's an emotional ride. (((hugs)))

LookItsJessica said...

I'm thinking girl for you. I'm not sure why either.

About those wives tales: I was sicker with this girl than I was with Liam, I was very sick with both but this girl was more severe. I also have a much fatter face this time around with a girl AND I crave citrus and sweets like mad. It's unhealthy but I basically *need* a dessert every single night.

I'm thinking you're carrying Jack's lil sis!

crystal said...

I'm thinking boy because you are craving salty things. But then again it is so hard to tell. All three of my pregnancies were different. With my baby I lost, I wasn't really sick but I just felt bad all the time. Then with my first little boy I was sick every single day up until I was 3 1/2 months and I craved salty things and then with Maddox, I was never sick and it was perfect. I didn't gain as much weight either. So I have no idea how to tell what you will have because both pregnancies were completely different and both were boys. But I will tell you that I looked at the Chinese calendar and it was right with both of my boys. It has been right with everyone in my family that has looked at it :) Will be thinking about you and praying too!!!

Melissa said...

I have all girls...with different heartbeats and nausea so I think it's all crap - haha, fun but just old wives' tales. :)

Good luck Friday, will be thinking of you!

Darcey said...

My husband was right on knowing all of my genders...I was wrong on all of them (so much for mother's intuition), so I am going to go with boy. Good Luck at your scan on Friday...I know how nerve wracking they can be.

Monique said...

I'm guessing boy, just a hunch. I was right with Sam, knew it was a boy and wrong with George, thought for sure it was a girl. Good luck with the scan - nerve wracking yet you get to see him/her on u/s which is nice. Fingers crossed.

Amy Lagerquist said...

I suspected I was carrying one of each, that Baby A (closest to my cervix) was a girl and Baby B (up high) was a boy. I was right.

Tiffany said...

none of those wives tales work for me. they were wrong both times. and i have a small torso, so there is no carrying high or low for me. i just carry them THERE. lol. :)

i don't know what you are having. but i know that Jack sent you exactly who you need. ♥

TanaLee Davis said...

Drum guess just for kicks will be boy. No reason to think it is or isn't just my guess.

Holly said...

It's a girl!!!! Shall we bet?

Burt Fam said...

The only one of those that worked for me in my three pregnancies was the salty vs. sweet. So I am saying boy, though I was thinking girl all the way through reading your post. Good luck in the scan on Friday; I'll be thinking about you!

Addi's mom said...

I am terrible at guessing these, but I am hoping yours is a boy for the same reasons I am hoping mine is a girl :)

Sherri said...

I'm thinking a girl, no real reason, other than a hunch...I'd be more confident if I knew ya, I've been right with all of my friends babies so far! I had no idea with my first two though, both were girls, and then I was right this time around, and felt that I was carrying a boy right from the very beginning!

Becky said...

Love this!
I am also going with girl, no real reason but everyone I know thinks girl with me this time also, just feeling like we are both having girls.
Those old wives tales are crazy, but I have been craving citrus and am less clumsy this time around.
Can't wait to hear when you find out but definitely praying whatever baby is that it just be healthy.

Renel said...

unless you have birthed a girl previously it is always smart to bank on a boy. higher statistical chance of a boy. I always vote boy. :)

SG said...

Boy? Girl? I keep going back and forth! Can't seem to pick.

Interesting story - apparently every single old wives tale indicator said that I should be a boy, and my mom was the only one who believed otherwise, so go with your gut.

Hope you are getting some relief from the nausea. <3

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