Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eleven Weeks Old

How on Earth it's possible my little lady is eleven weeks old already is beyond my comprehension.

If I weren't plagued by baby-brain, I might be able to invert the photo so you could read her shirt... "My Dad Rocks"...

To think eleven weeks ago she was still snuggled all comfy in my belly, neither of us aware she would be joining us that same day... It's crazy.

I owe you a birth story, and I promise I'll get to it... Next week.
See, I set a deadline for myself, now I have to do it.

I have a great reason for being absent from the blog for the past couple of weeks. We finally moved! We moved July 6th from Toronto into our dream house 45 minutes west of the city. We have a pool now, and with this incredibly hot days it's been absolutely fabulous. Of course I haven't been able to locate my bathing suit, so I've been swimming in a t-shirt and a spare pair of Scott's swim shorts.. 

Yup, class all the way. 

Seriously though, this country air certainly agrees with Grace, who has slept through the night 4/9 nights we've lived here- waking only once the other nights for a feed session.
Snoozing 1/2 way through the day yesterday.

Because how can you keep growing cheeks like these if you're not constantly latched?

I'll update again soon. I hope you're all doing well. And although I know she's not reading, Becky and her family are never far from my mind.


kidsakeeper said...


And yes, I was going to say a birth story is in order...please and thank you. I hope the unpacking went well. As for the bathing suit though? You know what would be even classier? Skinny dipping...lol

B. Wilson said...

I would like to cuddle Grace in my arms. She seems like she's still interested in such things. B's notsomuch as he's much more interested in being moved around. The feeding is the only time I get to cherish my cuddle sessions these days.

Love her and that beautiful new home of yours.

I'm classy, too. Did you read my post about my sunglasses. Hot.

Veronica said...

Dear Laura Jane,

I wanted to finally say hi.
I've followed you a bit in recent months.
I too lost a baby. My son, Alexander, on Feb 27, 2012. He was stillborn. I was 41 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

Your Grace is wonderful. I am so happy for you. I am so sorry for the loss of your son, Jack. He was a beautiful child.

As there are BLM's scattered across the world, it was comforting to know that there was another Torontonian in the mix of all this. I live in the city - bought several years ago... sold, and then bought again with D... and myself and D are feeling the itch to jump ship, and head to a suburb. We'd probably go west. Maybe north. Who knows. I grew up in WB, and D's family are still in the Vaughan area.

Along with that little pile of cheeks you have in your arms, your new house looks pretty nice too!

I'm glad you're still bloggin' a bit. I love the updates. And I LOVE a good birth story.

Sending love,

Caroline said...

Oh Gracie Bug - what a cutie you are.

Look forward to seeing more pics of your house and hearing her birth story.

LookItsJessica said...

So excited to read the birth story! Congrats on the move!

Melissa said...

What sweet cheeks! She is beautiful and sweet! I am very glad for you to have moved west of Toronto to your dream area. A pool right now would make a big difference (I am in south western Ontario too.) Class? There is no need to worry about class when you have an adorable 11 week old to care for.

Brooke said...

Love those cheeks.

I've been thinking so much about Becky, too. Makes my heart heavy in spite of all the joy I also feel.

I envy your pool time. This heat is out of control. How close are your neighbors? Because I think I'd be skinny dipping...

SG said...

Cute-pie!! Congrats on the move - it must be just wonderful to settle into your dream house :)

TanaLee Davis said...

So cute...been missing you!

Kelly said...

You look so happy. :) Congrats on moving! Can't wait for more updates!

Tiffany said...

so happy for you! it sounds wonderful!

Renel said...

Oh so happy for you and that chubby little girl, the dream house and swimming in t-shirts and board shorts....Skinny dip baby...it's your new home! :) So glad to see you and that little chubbasorous in that gorgeous kitchen.

Rhiannon said...

Such a sweet girl you have there. :) Congrats on the move!!

Tiffany said...

it's crazy how time passes so quickly in both grief and happiness. your lady is amazing.

DandelionBreeze said...

She is soooo beautiful :) Love to you both and glad that your move went well :) xoxo

Hope's Mama said...

Oh my, those cheeks! Seen a lot of cute baby cheeks of late (Brooke's Caroline has a decent set of cheeks on her as well!)

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